Police forces around the world are discovering the advantages of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to aid in their work. UAVs are being used to protect law enforcement officers and provide them with quick, accurate information. In many ways, these drones are revolutionizing the way police forces operate. UAV technology has been used to search for criminals who have escaped from jail, in vehicular pursuit, in ground pursuit of armed suspects and even at the scene of traffic accidents to survey the best way to clear the scene. Whether giving an accurate high definition portrayal of an overall scene, or zooming in on particular details, such as a potential weapon on a suspect, drones are proving an invaluable tool for law enforcement. With real time overview, law enforcement forces on the ground can know how best to stay out of harm’s way and how best to reach their objective. They can also use UAVs to collect evidence from different vantage points. New ways to pursue criminals, monitor situations and collect evidence which results in better law enforcement. The new capabilities UAVs allow for more effective policing and a safer police environment for officers.